First Project, wish me luck

found something nice, and I was in middle tryin’ to translate it without even to read entire 12 chapters yet  . . .

Different worlds summons being became too many, the goddess spotted gire it increased

Summerize :

well basicly, cuz too many people from His/Her country/patron, Japs Godness in verge to go berserk.
It cant helped, She said. After all the majority of Japanese are serious obedient a sucker. Even though servility high too is a country of some meaning miracle that has to avoid God the domination of other countries, She said again.
Before, summoning target just 1-3, just few people, but nowdays its became absurb, from an entire student in one classroom to hundreds people in one go per summoning.

kinda interesting Tensei Theme from Gods POV . . .

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10 Responses to First Project, wish me luck

  1. zephyrial says:

    I wish you good luck on this project! If you need some help with proofreading, just contact me and I’ll try my best to help.


  2. ケーナ says:

    By the way, ぶち切れました means ‘flew into a rage’, not ‘spotted gire it increased’


  3. ケーナ says:

    Because There Were Too Many Other-World Summonings, the Goddess Flew into a Rage

    Also since you’re from Jakarta or something, I won’t comment on your English, but please try your best (and I mean your best) with the Japanese, even if you don’t speak a word of it. MTL is only readable when you put in lots, and lots of effort.


  4. ケーナ says:

    Good luck


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