Watta mess . . . OTL

My project shall be halted for few days cuz my internet modem got broken.

I dunno if the same thing happen on my previous modem with this one, got Burst Up cuz thunder struck on it’s receiver antenna or something.

It’s glad to knew that my laptop and it’s data finely secured.

Currently borrowing friend’s PC for writing this page for telling the halting my project for few days, and wondering how foolish of me for forget to bring my laptop along with me. . .


Well, that how my situation for now . . .

More or less chapter 1 done about 45-50%.

And I’ll rushed it in a week after I got my internet again.

Let’s do it before new term semester began . . . ! ! ? (>.<)/

Wish me luck

From Djokjakarta with Wedhang Rondhe 😉

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