Too many Summoning made Goddness Mad – Chapter 1

Finally released chapter 1. please kindly point out my mistake on my work here.



Difference world summons surpass limit, and Goddness -sama went berserk

the contents is same as a short stories of 2 episode

one day, Japan’s chief god Amaterasu thought.

–does Japanesse people kidnaping to difference world over already ?

well, perhaps there’s can’t be helped
After all the majority of Japanese are serious, dutiful and good-natured person.  It is the miracle land of a certain God meaning/significance evaded foreign rule though servility is too high.
If you already ask/request to the Japanese person, – the ma it is you want, it is to be. That why the other world people turn to summon means happen{Well not even how to become want call different world people.}

[But recently it’s way gone beyond tolerance]

In the past other world summons was one person and at the very most only few people, but recently one whole class of the school to several hundred human summoned being done entirely whole in random and still increased.
This way when summons can be repeated, the Japanese will be reduced to sober.

The one who govern for Underworld in Yonaguni Island Queen Beauty Himiko-sama yelling at the crowd [The deceased who came to my place became more reduced ! ?] temporarily chief god of Amaterasu-sama continued to yelled at the crowd.
What make this mother afraid into verge to crying was about the land circumstances.

[The other side also being troubled if summon to put stop, I feel sorry for pitiful land … …]

Relation not had japanese person to involve out occasion trully pitiful land, Amaterasu-sama as japan chiefgod is softhearted.
Most likely the younger brother of Tsukuyomi-sama heard laught with nose. He diagonal mind/meddle in me fine moderation/average 2 land

[what an excellent hand . . . .!]{alt→ [what a great move… …!]}

Amaterasu got troubled. crossed in her mind though moment of a certain episode during separation with both parents.

— everyday 1000 people cursed and die,  everyday 1500 people born look no good.

ua~ super goman !
polytheism god’s world reference generally non-Buddhism related gods/spirits/deity.

[that’s right ! a japanese who has been summoned for summon back to return 1 person per world for good !]

ua~, so goma
too much trouble that came to the conclusion was made amaterasu felling pleasant.
that appearance is just like worn out manager from work looks {alternatif ==>That form to a considerable degree seemed like the middle management which becomes tired in work.}

[a japanesse can be choosen to summoned to difference world,  by difference world people can be summon in japan ☆ ]

–what dya mean

suddenly the sky above japan appear 8 crows which followed by amaterasu-sama voice, whole japan’s citizen retort it

However after say such thing, the mythical crows which is only a messenger just leave away like that.
when the person who does not have requirements to see, however such aura experinced could feel, there was no such thing particullaly.

–how complete

suddenly difficult problem became rised in nasional diet
at any rate people of difference world come to here. make sure there’s no rudeness as earth representative.

kidnaping got kidnaped by the other to make neighbourhood entertained, making japanese people’s mind became softhearted person.
if this america the momment difference world people arrived was became potential resort to rise a trial.

[he, here ? Are you out of mind !?]

all of sudden a woman figure  appeared in nasional diet building
white dressed with light blue coloured hair which non-exist in earth, trully difference world looking.

it seem amaterasu-sama  choose to summons difference world person to japan.
futhermore without explaination to choose to throw a whole maiden with sufficient age women with huge confusion

[cha, chairman !?]

thus here diet member’s dissorders first one whose look calm senior chairman to seek a direction

[…… mr Foreign Minister Adachi]
[[Wel~ ! ?]]

perfectly defeat.

[a~, young lady]
[wha-, yes .. …]
[ah-, excuse me who’s this side !]

however to became fully give up of potential mr foreign minister adachi, a stunningly gentle smile floated. Usually embarrassingly rough Yakuza like tone, soon feel like giving appearance of kind Oji-sama. As expected of bad motive to take a chance happen to turn up Japan’s business .

[… … in conclusion]
[… …]
[miss ?]

The girl who heard circumstances explanation from Mr. Adachi looked pale for some reason.

[well, sorry for complete involving to our country problem … …]
[excuse us ! !]
[[Eh- !?]]

When Mr. Adachi tried to apologized, on contrary the girl was bowing her head like crazy.
It’s no wonder. how the girl’s homeland guilty as perpetrator of summoning to difference world.

[For a long time there’s a tradition of a bride summoning from difference world for Crown Prince in our country. It was something that happen for more than 200 years, recently head priest in person who paid the deed desire to take the credit … …]

It seems that this summons is not battle royal.
The degree of risk was off a little, but there’s also battle which taking women as participant such as at inner palace.
This is where you want to expect summoned women’s ability.

[Me and my father will stop it … …]
[Father? Miss. By any chance you are … …]
[Oh, for late saying it. I’m Shina, first princess of Garutia]

–Wha, dya say ~ ! ?

What a character just got summoned.
Congressman fool face in a line to Amaterasu-sama as if wanted to tsukkonomi

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