Why You Should Support the English Light Novel Industry (And How You Can Do it)

Those companies wont sell in my country anyway. If they would, the hi prize, heavy tax, hi censored percentage and limited place which with intent to help us to sell those stuff to us fell so . . .
More ever to told us to wait for years just for releasing 1 volume of 1 title, while the original just need months ?

I hope those people make a good job with their work on accuracy. If not, beware of fans rage.

Fantastic Memes

sao index

2014 was a great year for English light novels. I’d say LN publishing was revitalised last year, thanks to the release of big name titles (and not just SAO and Index). I suppose this is a side effect of the oversaturation of LN adaptations in the anime industry right now. There’s no better time to get into the LNs, and I fully expect 2015 to be a lucrative year as well.

Why You Should Buy Light Novels

First of all, they’re cheap. The translations are a whole lot better than the fan translations, and most importantly, I think the success of these titles will pave the way for more quality translations of Japanese novels. Ideally, I’d like to see more Japanese literature beyond light novels being published over here. There’s a growing potential market.

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